Gender Bias In Tech

A myth or not??

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·Jul 11, 2022·

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Gender Bias In Tech

Sometime last year, I attended a tech event with my friend Bright Chinenyeze. During the event, different speakers were invited to speak on topics such as augmented virtual reality, tech for social good, machine learning, blockchain technology, software development, etc.

I recall how my concentration increased when the moderator invited a vibrant young lady for her session. From the introduction, she is someone who has impacted Nigerian tech space positively.

Immediately she climbed the podium to speak, I whispered to my friend… “I am interested in this particular session”

“Why so? He asked

“Because she’d be speaking about gender bias and need for inclusion”

“But how did you know, Bright asked?

“Obviously from the name of her organization”

Now to the main essence of this article; This article will answer the question my friend asked that day.


In search for answer to the question above, I reached to prominent women in the Tech space as I didn’t want to draw conclusions based on my experiences alone.

I will be sharing some of their responses below.

Question was: Do you or have you faced any barrier in your tech career simply because you are a woman?

From the founder of Techrity, Ms. Owanate.

"None that I can remember but as a woman you will need to be more assertive since it is a field surrounded by men”

Edidiong Asikpo of Ambassadors Labs stated thus;

“Not a barrier, but yes people generally act in a weird way to women in Tech”

From Esther of Nextpayday Ltd

“No I haven’t experienced any barriers, being a woman in tech made it easier for me”

As mentioned by Sumudu Siriwardana of Hashnode “so far, I didn’t get any barriers specifically”

The founder of Shega Digital, a UI/UX Designer stated thus,

“No I haven’t experienced any problem because I’m a woman. With my clients, it more about them rejecting my proposals because I asked for more money”

Adora Nwodo of Microsoft responded thus;

“No I haven’t actually experienced any barriers as a woman in tech”

Considering my experience and that of many other women in tech, gender bias is only but a myth. I haven’t faced any barriers or road blocks in my tech career simply because I am a woman. I will urge you to do away with whatever you’ve been made to believe.

Yes, there are struggles in tech, especially at the beginning but these struggles aren’t gender induced. Anyone navigating through the tech space (male or female) is bound to experience these struggles.


Code frustrations exist. Rejection emails exist. Lack of sleep and stress all exist, but all of the above aren’t gender specific.

As a young woman in tech, it is clearly insensible of you to expect favors, promotions or recognition simply because of your gender.

We are in a real world where productivity is celebrated, do not expect to be rewarded if you’re not putting in the required work.

It is very normal to not get picked after an interview regardless of whether you were the only female in the hall.

Founders and Stakeholders are in need of results, creativity, innovation, and productivity. No one actually cares about your gender.

The next time someone comes to you bearing news of how you need to slide off your career aspirations … remind them that you are enough. Remind them that you are creative and intelligent enough.


It might sound like a joke but many young women actually believe this myth, just needed to clear the air.

The Tech space is favorable for anyone as far as they are willing enough to put in the required work.

Dear woman, if you are mentally capable to pursue a career in Tech or Engineering, please do. No one is going to stop your shine.


A career in tech requires:

  • Resourcefulness
  • Creative thinking
  • Analytical abilities
  • Good communication
  • Problem solving
  • Organization
  • Perseverance
  • Curiosity
  • Self-learning and enthusiasm
  • Time management and productivity


Disclaimer: this is not to nullify or invalidate any woman with a bitter experience.

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