Getting Into Tech

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Getting Into Tech

The current rush towards tech is beginning to cause some atom of harm. Don't get me wrong... it is good to follow the trend that works. However, we should equally understand that not everyone will prosper in tech regardless of how profiting the tech space is.

Tech is the future, you probably have heard that a million times. it really is. So now that you've decided to switch, this article will walk you through some major considerations.

However, if you're still among the scared should get over your fears. It is never late to do the right thing.

Whether you are starting out as a fresher or switching from another career into tech, this article is going to help you switch into Tech efficiently.

What are you Passionate about? Launching a career in tech is not a reason to move away from your purpose. There are very many areas in tech, so I will advise you go for one that best suits your purpose and personality.

Why are you going into TECH? If your sole aim of joining tech is for the money, you will be disappointed. yeah tech is profiting but not from the first day. Many are all about the fat cheques without considering the early days of frustrations. You won't get rich because you are in the tech space, what gives money is your ability to solve problems. Please if you are switching into tech because you want to get rich, have a rethink. TECH IS NOT A PONZI SCHEME.

What are your Skills currently? Just like every other career, what you know matters in TECH. As a fresher, identify your areas of strength. This will help you adapt faster in the tech space. However, if you're switching from another career path, I will advise you choose a path related to your current job. For instance, if Bola is an Accountant, it is best he goes into Data Analysis not Software Development, that way, it would be easier to adapt. There are many opportunities in the Tech space, please always find the best fit for you. Do your research and be sincere to yourself.

Here are more examples:

  1. Teacher = EdTech
  2. Medical Practitioner = HealthTech
  3. Finance/ Accounting = FinTech

Draw a Learning Map Now that you have chosen a path, make a list of required skills. Learning never stops in Tech, so if you're not ready to keep learning please do not come into Tech. While starting out, there will be a lot of things to learn, make sure to approach them with wisdom. If you try to learn everything at once, you will get frustrated, give yourself time to learn. Make a list of all required skills(software) for your path, arrange them in order of priority, and take them one at a time. You can google ''what skills do I need to learn as a Software Developer" or go to LinkedIn, Search for 'Data Analysis jobs' and read the job description. Make a list of the most occurring job requirement and starting learning one after the other.

TIP: as a newbie, also ask people above you about this.


Where to Learn from Everything you need to learn to be successful is already on the internet waiting for you. To learn those required skills, you have a number of options;

  1. YouTube videos: self-paced, free, no certification.
  2. Buy courses: self-paced, not free, certified.
  3. Coding Schools: not free, not self-paced, certified. Always remember, whatever option works best for you, what matters is your commitment.

Once you start learning, become more active on social media(LinkedIn, Twitter) share the little you know, keep posting, keep learning, follow relevant people and make sure you network as much as possible. The beginning will not be easy, remember not to give up. What you stand to gain is worth that little frustration.

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